22nd April 2014 - 26th April 2014 Film Series #1
Leigh Hall

22nd November 2013 - 22nd November 2013 TUNA MAU
Silo Park, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland, NZ
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14th November 2013 - 16th November 2013 CORD/SDHS CONFERENCE
Riverside, California, USA
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27th October 2013 - In the Balance: Indigeneity, Performance and Globalisation
Notre Dame College, London, UK

21st October 2013 - out the window bone breath feather
Pah Homestead
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15th July 2013 - Pushing Gravity Residency
Wallace Arts Trust Pah Homestead

12th July 2013 - 12th June 2013 Dance and Somatics Practices Conference
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12th June 2013 - ISEA2013
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6th June 2013 - 9th June 2013 Tanz Kongress, Dusseldorf
Tanzhaus Dusseldorf

22nd April 2013 - 26th April 2013 Pushing Gravity Music/Dance Collaboration

14th April 2013 - 16th April 2013 1000 Lovers
Wynyard Quarter/Silo Farm, Auckland Waterfront
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22nd March 2012 - 25th March 2012 Fluid City - Pilot
Wynyard Quarter/Silo Farm
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6th March 2012 - Tongues of Stone - Communique
Design Theatre, School of Architecture, University of Auckland
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6th December 2011 - 9th December 2011 Body Space Performativity
London, UK

3rd November 2011 - 8th November 2011 Seed
Christchurch, Philadelphia

14th October 2011 - Maybe, a man and a woman swallowed by space
Stiwdio Weston Studio // Canolfan Mileniwm Cymru // Wales Millennium Centre
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7th October 2011 - 8th October 2011 Maybe, a duet for a man and a woman swallowed by space
The Linbury Theatre // Royal Opera House, Covent Garden

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5th October 2011 - 6th October 2011 Maybe, a duet for a man and a woman swallowed by space
DanceXchange // Birmingham Hippodrome

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3rd October 2011 - 4th October 2011 Revolve
Geo Dome, Hagley Park, Christchurch
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16th June 2011 - SlIP I'm not falling I'm just hanging on for as long as you hold me
Te Whaea, Wellington
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16th June 2011 - Mneomsyne
Prague Quadrenniale of Performance Design and Architecture
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8th April 2011 - 17th April 2011 Tongues of Stone
Perth, Western Australia
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